Styled bridal photo shoot.

Time to share this, a behind the scenes video from a styled bridal photo shoot with some cool friends of mine.
Inspiration for this shoot. simple…bluebells, I shot a wedding recently and we took the couples photos at this bluebell wood. When I told my friend Lindsay (i shot her wedding last year > ) about the bluebells we both new what was needed, vintage inspired accessories from her company MY Vintage Flower, An awesome dress and an amazing model……and of course a bit of nice weather.
So when I shoot fashion it is usually in collaboration with my very good friend Farhana, she’s won tons of awards and is the coolest cookie in the jar on a shoot, give her room for imagination and inspiration and she always delivers the goods.
Lindsay arranged the dress and other accessories, I found the location and Farhana made our model look gorgeous, well, she’s a model so EVEN MORE gorgeous.
So here’s the video, the pictures will follow.

Vintage accessories and styling by Lindsay My Vintage Flower
model’s makeup by Farhana
The dress came from To Have and To Hire
The hair piece came from With Love From Bobbin
Flowers came from Amanda French Flowers
and a big thanks to our beautiful model Lucie.

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