HOW LUCKY WERE WE !!!! it was forecast to be a sunny day from the begining of the week, my only concern at that point was that the bright red leaves might have dropped off the plants climbing the walls of the venue, The Fig Tree in Llanelli, which I had spotted a week earlier as prime photo backdrop material.

So imagine our suprise on the day, when the temperature just kept rising….and rising. In fact it turned out to be the hottest 1st of October since records began 101 years ago. The Fig Tree is a beautiful location, two restored and converted farm buildings function as ceremony/dance hall and two storey reception hall. There is a pretty well kept garden as well as a wild meadow field, great for photographs.

The food’s amazing and the fireworks display is fantastic, it just kept going and going.
Sian and Scott also hired one of my favourite bands SILVER who definately did not disappoint, in fact once I was happy I had enough images I stuck around to listen to the end of their set.

Oh and days before wind HAD stripped the red leaves off the walls but I managed to find a few!

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