photographers perspective on post-wedding blues

How can you avoid the Post Wedding Blues | South Wales Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer, I am involved with the process of planning more than some vendors are, so I have the great fortune of getting to know my clients before their day. During the time we get to know each other going over the details and timelines, we form a bit of a bond. And some of my favourite clients have admitted to me after the wedding that they got a little down, sometimes referred to as “post-wedding blues.”

One of my clients Lara had such kind words for me after their wedding:

“The whole thing about bonding with couples is so true, you literally remember details about every wedding which really touched us”.

I think it’s important to point out a few things here; first, that I’m not a psychologist, and you can find loads of advice all over the internet about ways to handle post-wedding emotions. I don’t think there is a one size fits all solution to get through them, but I think it’s important to know that it is a normal occurrence for many wedding couples.
Here are five ways to beat the post wedding blues

Wedding planning is not only time-consuming; it’s mentally time-consuming. Your brain has been wired for months and months to consider every aspect of the day. Also, people tend to get married in certain stages of their lives, so you might have not only had your wedding to plan, but you may have also been going to lots of friend’s weddings around South Wales.

After all these months of everything in your social media feed, your pinterest boards, through to your real-life encounters being so wedding-centric, it can be a real let down to realise that it’s over with. Marriage is a life-changing event, and when the wedding ends, you’re starting a new journey. Be sure to give yourself a little grace, you deserve it.

Wedding days themselves are charged with energy, and adrenaline is high all day, so it’s really no wonder that afterwards, you feel a bit drained. I say this with full confidence as there are certainly days after I photograph a wedding that I can barely get out of bed the next day! Usually because the couple and their guests partied hard and gave me plenty to photograph.

A photographer's perspective on post-wedding blues, Swansea South Wales

One of my favourite things about editing a wedding is seeing that fantastic day unfold all over again. Once I finish fine-tuning the gallery and turn it over to a couple, I know they get to re-live that day over and over for years to come. I feel very honoured to have been entrusted with capturing these memories for my clients; I become an unofficial “family historian” for the day.

The first time you go through your wedding photos, it can be a transformative experience. As the wedding couple, you are so busy on your day and you can’t be in two places at once. There’s nothing I love better than presenting couples with “found moments”; when my clients tell me that I captured something they didn’t even know happened! That’s the magic of documentary wedding photography to me, that a photo that can tell an entire story in a glance.

The “story at a glance,” feeling is also why I encourage my clients to invest in a wedding album. Having a tangible, beautiful piece to hold in your hands that has all your favourite photos is a remarkable heirloom to pass down. Being able to pull your wedding album out and re-live the day and see everyone you love is a great balm to heal those post-wedding blues!

Check out​ ​Lara & Geraint’s​ Oldwalls Gower wedding for examples of natural candid moments.
Lara notes:

“Investing in the album is so worth it. I was one of those brides who wanted to skimp as much as possible with certain things and I’m SO glad I didn’t.. it’s so worth it. People have passed away since and that you’ve captured them doing things is beautiful!!”

photographers perspective on wedding blues

Weddings are full of emotion, love, and laughter, and they are a once in a lifetime experience, which is what makes them so remarkable. I’m very proud to be able to capture these stories for my clients so they can be transported back to that feeling of their wedding day.
If you are seeking a wedding photographer in the Swansea and South Wales area who loves to capture found moments and create timeless, emotional photos,​ ​get in touch.​ I’d love to hear more about your plans.

A photographers perspective on post wedding blues South Wales wedding photographers

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