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there’s an explanation below the video.

Although I don’t shoot wedding videos, I can highly recommend some very good people that do and to stay on subject, here’s videographer Mark Tancock who created an amazing wedding Mannequin Challenge video this weekend, see the video on his blog CLICK HERE

I do shoot video for my commercial clients as well as the photography I’m commissioned for and this weekend I had the fun task of videoing a Mannequin Challenge in a busy restaurant. I’ve been working with the team at Rasoi for a few years now, photographing and filming their food, their venues, the staff and I recently filmed the new catering side of the company working at a large Asian wedding. That video is coming soon.

But back to the mannequin challenge. It’s a terrifying thing to get a large room of strangers to pose, freeze and hold it for a few minutes….and hope someone doesn’t move or drop something or I trip over halfway through. It’s a one shot deal and the crowd at Rasoi Waterfront nailed it.

The plan was to do it on a night that was busy but not so packed that it would be a logistical nightmare to organise everyone. But when I arrived I realised we were going to just have to deal with it being very busy. I managed to work out my route but because the restaurant was in full flow I couldn’t do a practice run with the camera, the last thing we wanted was to disrupt the customers longer than one take. The staff had checked with customers on arrival and at their tables and then after having a quick chat at each table to see what they wanted to do we gave the big countdown.

It’s quite eerie walking in to a dark restaurant full of people that aren’t moving or making a sound and I found it quite difficult to not start laughing myself as I approached tables and saw how they were posing.

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