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As a photographer I often hear the phrases “i hate having my picture taken” and “i’m not very photogenic” or “I never look good in pictures” .
The truth generally is that people who are very nervous about having there picture taken tend to stiffen up and smile the way they think they should and end up looking nervous in the photograph. One of the biggest challenges and one of the biggest joys of this job is to make the people you are shooting feel at ease, find their character, find what works for them, and also to help couples feel at ease about being photographed together.

Another big challenge to any wedding photographer is the weather, it’s out of everybody’s control, so choosing a pre-wedding photoshoot gives you the opportunity to have a set of images taken when you want, on a day that suits you…and if the weather forecast isn’t good, it’s not a once in a lifetime occasion that can’t be re-arranged.

Contact me if you want to know more about pre-wedding photoshoots.

Below is a little video we shot while on Delyth and Daniel’s pre-wedding shoot, you can see a selection of their images HERE

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